Why It’s Important to Eat Organic Food

Whenever we go to a grocery store, we are available with a pool of options. We are aware of the groceries whenever we go to buy food. This is generally because of the high price of the product. There are many people who don’t buy organic food and purchase conventional food items only.

1) Studies carried out

Do you want to know how consumption of organic food can change your life? A supermarket chain in Sweden gave a challenge to a Swedish family to go completely organic for at least 14 days. According to the chain, they were not allowed to eat anything other than organic food.

The Swedish Environment Research Institute observed and monitored the changes taking place in that family due to dietary changes. The outcome was positive and can easily convince a person to change their diet to organic.

It was not the first time when a scientific examination was conducted to determine the distinction between organic and conventional food. RMIT researchers carried out a research, which stated that pesticide exposure was reduced by 90%. The research so conducted was also published in a journal.

A study related to pesticides was publicized by a girl, namely Cynthia Curl, in the journal Environment Health Perspectives. The research mentioned that the people who consumed organic food had a reduced exposure to pesticides in comparison to those who consumed conventional produce.

If the research is read in depth, then it indicates that fruits have high exposure to pesticides in comparison to other foods, particularly peaches and apples.

We can also come to know about the harmful impacts of pesticides on our health. It has been proved by the scientists that pesticide consumption can increase the chances of health problems like autism, kidney problems, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, birth defects, and Alzheimer’s disease.